About our company

We trade engineering thermoplastics world wide and on Italian market.

In plastic world we grew up, gained 15 years of experience , learned the culture and the knowledge for guarantee values like reliability, competence and seriousness to our customers.

Our customers choose to work with us because we are able to find the plastic they need in the complex labyrinth of plastic world. This is possible thanks to the wide and solid net of partners who are sharing with us the same targets of quality, price and operative philosophy.
Our flexibility and innovative vision lead to successful results in European and Italian market.

Our Philospphy
Our company is light: unnecessary is heavy and bulky, what is really important go through the walls.
  1. Openness and flexibility.

  2. Quick service.

  3. Competence in choosing the raw materials.

  4. Competence.

  5. Cheapness.

Where we are

Our offices and warehouse are in Italy, near Padua, but we are European oriented.

Our services
Complete range of engineering polymers

A wide net of european partners allows us to find always the best plastic on the market

Purchase of Raw plastic material

We can find engineering thermoplastics with a unique price/quality ratio.

Professional consulting

We offer a complete and high level commercial consulting that allows us to manage all the different needs of our customer.

Efficent logistic organization

Thanks to an extensive logistic organisation we can serve customers in an fast and efficient way all over Europe.

We are proud to work with