As you know, Plastrading trades plastic raw material in Europe and trades raw material in many different forms (prime, regrind, pellets, etc.).

Our activity is trading raw plastic material. We buy and sell stock of raw material in Italy and In Europe. Our warehouse is always busy with stock of material in-coming and out-going. Sometimes we keep the material in our warehouse for long period of time.

We always want to provide our to clients material perfectly in line with the their requirement, but sometimes can happen that material is not conform to your requests.

As you know many times the defect appears only durign the production process and it’s not possible to indentify it before.

Typical examples of are the following

  1. Different qualities and quantities;

  2. Different caractheristics and setting;

  3. Imperfections;

Specific examples in case of regrind material, pellets, ect.:

  1. Presence of other plastic material, metal or other unknow material;

  2. Low quality of the material due to contamination;

  3. Other hidden imperfection; 

The previous examples are just a very few part of the amount of situations can be verify in plastic market.

For those reason all the material delivered to our warehouse is checked to control the real quality and the possible presence of imperfecions. If the material has been damage during the transport or there are other specific problem we will inform our you immediately.

The communication of un-conform product could be send a long time after the delivery of the material.

For all those reasons our purchase will be leading exclusively under our General Purchase Conditions.



Our General Purchase Conditions will be apply to every single purchase and we will not recognize any other conditions, unless we expressly agreed to apply or added different conditions.

The General Purchase Conditions will be apply in every situation of purchase.

We will not accept the Supplier’s Purchase Conditions, especially if those conditions are in contrast with ours. Unless we expressly agree to apply them.

The confirmation and the sign of our purchase order confirm the acceptance of our General Purchase Conditions.

The form required for all the document is the written form.

We only accept written order and subject our confirmation. Every oral agreement must be followed by a written document, which must be confirm by us.

Only the designate employees can validate the documents.

All the documents sign by employees or person not allowed to sign the document will be not approved.

Our General Purchase Conditions must be apply in respect of the law, in specific of the Italian law and the Italian Civil Code.



All the product we buy must be delivered in perfect condition in their original packaging, in which must be present the production’s original brand (such as production’s stamp, lot number, ect).

The material has to be treat carefylly during the transport not to damage it internally and externally.

The packaging covered an important element in the general evaluation of the product. It must not be damage and has to permit us to keep the product in best condition. It also has to be in the right position and condition to be transport again.

The packaging must present the description of the product contains.

Once the packaging has been open to control and verify the product, the material must be the exactly the one we order and not present any disaccordande with the previuos written agreement.

Subject different written condition the regrind material has to be:

  • Clean;

  • Dry;

  • In the right color and with right caractheristic;

It also has not to contain:

  • Metal;

  • Dust;

Is important the dimension of the material is the one we ordered and not in different form.

In any case material is not in line with our purchase order we will notify immediately.



The written form is an essential element to validate the Payment Conditions.

Those Conditions are established directly between Plastrading and the Supplier, always in respect of both parts of the agreement.



The delivery must be lead in respect of all the element of the Purchase order, in particular :

  • Date of delivery;

  • Place of delivery;

  • Time of delivery;

It also important to lead the delivery respecting the packaging and the material.

Plastrading has to be inform of all the process during the delivery and the sender has to notify any incovenience and any delay.

If the transport and the delivery will be lead in respect of all the agreement condition no one will be incur in any penalty and compensation.

In particular case of delay we can require a compensation in place of delivery. After the penalty has been required, the Supplier has the right to prove he is not involve.



To prove the delivered material is conform our order, Plastrading controls it.

In case the product is not conform Plastrading can process according the following procedure:

  • Any visible defect will be notify within five working days the date of delivery;

  • Any defect resulting from product’s test and not immediately visible, will be notify within three days from the date of discovery;

The previuos procedure will be lead in any case of product’s delivery, unless the parts accord the procedure differently.

All the defects the material present must be notify to Plastrading by the Supplier, just to inform Plastrading of the real quality of the product.

Plastrading will  not request to replacement of the defect material.

In case the Supplier not inform Plastrading of all the potential defects, the Supplier could incour price reduction or compensation required by Plastrading its self.



The liability for the safety of the product is under the resposibility of the Supplier.

The supplier must verify every passage the material does till the delivery to Plastrading.

In case the material delivered is damaged or not conform our purchase order it’s Supplier’s liability.

The Supplier has to control and to respond for all the process in which the material is involve till it’s delivery to Plastrading warehouse.



The Supplier, as part of the Contract, must respect the rights of all the figures involve in the written pact.



Here the delivery is performed and followed by the previous procedures of control and analysis of the material received.

During the exection of all transactions must be apply the italian’s Jurisdiction.



The present General Purchase Condition has been written both in italian and in english.

In case of contrast between the two versions, the english one will be the predominant one.

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